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Claudia Comte

As the title of the exhibition eloquently states, Claudia Comte uses the basic elements of the mathematical system of Cartesian coordinates to embark the spectator on her journey. The flat screen that defines our representation of the world thus becomes a pleated setting. In this exhibition, the artist condensates a fair amount of research while giving us a few hints regarding the possible modes of assembly relating to several of her projects – which are far less disparate than the diversity of their production tends to suggest. This journey introduces us to paintings on cut-out frames, sculptures, a mural painting, installation elements and a video (in that order). However, far from skirting the questions pertaining to her low-tech (not to say – caustically - retro-futuristic and artisanal) mode of production of the objects, their unfurling in three consecutive stages allow the visitor’s gaze to wander further still.

Tondi with complex framework constructed by the artist herself act as a support for a simple brush stroke. A rigid frame in the shape of a grid painstakingly traced on wooden panels is coarsely hemstitched with a chainsaw. An artful grid structure acts as a base for a mural painting that is subsequently and randomly filled with simple light effects. The apparently risky repetition of a sculpted motif leads to subtle variations within, causing it to transition from references to the recent history of sculpture towards the codes of comic books art. Following regular pulsations, vertical patterns crisscross static shots of fjords. The depth of field of the sequence shot competes with the geometric scansion of black elevations. From one end to the other, the artist takes us on a rollercoaster ride, delighting in the upside down effects she imposes up on us. Claudia Comte weaves a crafty setting that opens up to all possibilities - one that could easily be lifted up to escape and follow her. [Samuel Gross]

WITH THE KIND SUPPORT OF Loterie Romande, Canton de Fribourg, Agglomération de Fribourg, Migros culture percentage, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Affaires culturelles de l'État de Vaud.

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