Second - Huw Lemmey, Luzie Meyer, Becket MWN, Angharad Williams, Bruno Zhu
Curated by Gianmaria Andreetta
3 April - 23 May 2021

The exhibition Second highlights the writing and compositional strategies of a group of artists assembled by the editor and curator Gianmaria Andreetta. For the exhibition, newly commissioned works address the critical relationship between the artists’ literary projects and the making of a public, pointing to what was once materially inaccessible or unavailable, and what has been flattened or obscured by the bigger picture. Revisiting previous works and investigating previously overlooked objects, Second uses practice-based explorations to reconnect key concepts of collaboration, ephemerality and fiction. This mode of commissioning demonstrates and realizes recent developments in the ways artists use writing to generate art, develop editorial relationships and initiate meaningful exchanges on the value of words.

Through different registers such as memoir, fiction, poetry, songwriting, playwright and screenplay, artists and writers Huw Lemmey, Luzie Meyer, Becket MWN, Angharad Williams and Bruno Zhu play with and navigate through their own predictions (real, imaginary and deceptive) whilst candidly looking at the past.

Gianmaria Andreetta is the 2019 recipient of the Swiss Art Award in the category of Critique, Publishing, Exhibition.

Opening hours : We – Fr 12:00–18:00 and Sa – Su 13:00–18:00
Art education :

Thanks to HTSU cooperative, Catherine Queloz, Sophia Dinkel, Annie Goodner, Noémi Michel, Léa Fluck, Richard John Jones, Musée Suisse de la Marionnette and Swiss Art Awards.

Listen to The Unplugged, Live in Fribourg

Listen to Becket MWN, Things you need before leaving the house (on the gradual construction of thought in text)

Watch Luzie Meyer, Tryst, Again



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