From 30 May to 6 June, Fri Art will become an International Institute for Screamscape Studies. The aim: to create a prodigious sound panorama, or “Screamscape”, that is being constantly enriched by the research, emotions, theories and views that abound on the act of screaming.

For one week only, Fri Art will play host to over 50 artists, scientists, radio producers, musicians, singers, philosophers and Buddhist monks. The packed agenda includes lectures, conferences, happenings, concerts, exhibitions, performances, stand-ups, panel discussions and workshops, all of which are open to the public. Throughout “Scream Week”, visitors will also have the chance to watch and listen to the works being created and the analyses being carried out, all in situ.

Likewise, this week-long event will provide the Contemporary Art Centre with an ideal opportunity to leverage its full conceptual, creative, artistic, intellectual and pataphysical potential.

Research directors: Thibault Walter & Gregory Whitehead


Vincent Barras, Jérôme Berbier & Grégoire Pasquier, Nicolas Brulhart & Tristan Lavoyer, Timothée Calame & Arthur Fink, Antoine Chessex & Stéphane Montavon, Mathieu Copeland, David Christoffen, David Collin, Thierry Dagon, Marc Décimo, Delphine Depres, Prurient, Vanessa Gageos, Nicolas Geiser. Michael Gendreau, Francesco Gregorio, Keiji Haino, Michel Henritzi, Junko Hiroshige, Judith Huber & Silvia Isenschmid, Jason Kahn, Antoine Läng & Thomas Perrodin, Rolf Laureijs & Benjamin Pogonatos, Tobias Madison, Andrea Marioni, Fabian Marti, Bastien Masset Francisco Meirino, Flavio Merlo & Ben Rosenthal, Jen Morris aka [sic], Dave Phillips, Jacques Roman, Emanuel Rossetti, Nora Schultz, Nicole Staremberg, Stefan Tcherepnin, Ramaya Tegegne, Thibault Walter, Tamara de Wehr, Allen S. Weiss, Bo Wiget
Benu Zitz, Klaus Zuberbühler, Gregory Whitehead

Chorale Les Marmousets, Unperfect Radio, Editions Clinamen, Infolipo, Le Labo – Espace 2, Grand Choeur Noise, Kôsetsu-ji Fribourg, Bad Bonn Kilbi

With the support of:

Pro Helvetia
Ernst Göhner Stiftung
Fondation Sandoz
AGGLO Fribourg
La Ville de Fribourg
La Loterie Romande
Etat de Fribourg
Fondation Nestlé pour l’art

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