Pascal Vonlanthen

Pascal Vonlanthen

Fri Art is pleased to announce a public exhibition of the work of Pascal Vonlanthen. Born in 1957 in Rossens, the self-taught artist still lives in Fribourg, where he attends CREAHM, an art workshop for people with an intellectual disability.

Fri Art presents a series of works created by the artist over the last year. Unable to read or write, Vonlanthen replicates pages from print newspapers and magazines, using felt-tip pens, lead pencils and coloured crayons.

Pascal Vonlanthen, 2015
with texts by Vincent Capt, Balthazar Lovay and Katrin Luchsinger

With the support of:

AGGLO Fribourg
La Ville de Fribourg
La Loterie Romande
Etat de Fribourg
Fondation Nestlé pour l’art
Migros pourcent culturel

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