Image Canyon

Jérémie Gindre

Conceived as a path meandering through a spectacular canyon, Jérémie Gindre’s exhibition presents us sculptures, drawings, paintings and tourist signs. The starting point of the itinerary is a cliff – possibly the one looming over Fri Art, or the one which Lewis and Clark described while travelling up the Missouri River in 1803 during their famous expedition through the still-unknown western territories of America. “We have encountered several rocks resembling wood,” wrote the explorers in a bafflingly simple statement. The quote was picked up by Jérémie Gindre in a painting-cum-text echoing a collection of petrified boards, setting the tone for a series of singular geographical discoveries. It also evokes pareidolia, an tendency to discern familiar figures – often human or animal – in all sorts of abstract objects such as rocks. Acting as a backdrop to the exhibition, these potential visions haunt the four stage-rooms of Image Canyon. A panorama emerges under a mixed lighting: the dawn of discovery and the high noon of tourism.

WITH THE KIND SUPPORT OF Loterie Romande, Canton de Fribourg, Agglomération de Fribourg, Migros culture percentage, Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fonds cantonal d'art contemporain Genève.

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