Dieu rend visite à Newton

Edith Dekyndt

Fri Art presents Edith Dekyndt’s Dieu rend visite à Newton – the internationally acclaimed Belgian artist’s a first major Swiss exhibition. Within the framework of this project, which explores shifts in perception between the visible world, beliefs and knowledge, Dekyndt presents art especially produced for the occasion, as well as other recent work.  

Edith Dekyndt focuses on elements that are difficult to perceive without targeted attention, as well as on the scale ratio between the infinitesimal and the infinite. Despite her sometimes high-tech scientific approach, her work displays an intimate feel, both discreet and delicate, more of a development of a question than a real answer, and based on hypothesis rather than assertion. For her new project, especially conceived for this exhibition at Fri Art, Edith Dekyndt has worked with a nanotechnology scientist from the Adolphe Merkle Institute to produce new pieces that question the ethical limits of science regarding the manipulation of living creatures. The project, which is illustrated by several pieces, explores the variations between the microscopic and the nanoscopic, as well as the shifts that take place in the particle proprieties of the infinitesimal.

WITH THE SUPPORT OF Loterie Romande, Agglomération de Fribourg, Canton de Fribourg, Adolphe Merkle Institute, Wallonie-Bruxelles International, Manor SA.

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