An Exhibition of the Films (1958-77) by Marc Adrian

Marc Adrian
Exposition des films  (1958-77) de Marc Adrian Exposition des films  (1958-77) de Marc Adrian Exposition des films  (1958-77) de Marc Adrian Exposition des films  (1958-77) de Marc Adrian Exposition des films  (1958-77) de Marc Adrian

Marc Adrian (1930-2008) is one of the pioneers of Austrian experimental cinema. From the late 1950s, he made films alongside Kurt Kren, Peter Kubelka and Ferry Radax. His film work is however part of a broader artistic program, which goes far beyond film itself: a painter, sculptor, draftsman and poet, Adrian is considered to be one of Austria’s most important abstract artists.

It was after his concrete poetry experiments that Adrian developed his first structural films. The photogram, like the concrete typographic sign, became an autonomous motif that the filmmaker could manipulate, compile, multiply or permutate. Shots of colour, words, letters or parts of the body formed an elementary vocabulary that he modulated at will.

Seeking to break free from conventions of composition and narration, he developed an early interest in working processes based on chance or random selection. The composition of his films is often based on mathematical formulas or computer tools, which at the time had barely been investigated by others.

Always searching for new modes of expression, Adrian also invested some of his films with social or historical content, documenting political events such as the parade of 1 May in Vienna in 1958, to highlight the social issues of his time.

The exhibition is organized by Fri Art and François Bovier.

Opening hours :

Me - Je - Ve : 12h - 18h
Sa - Di : 13h - 18h
Lu - Ma : sur rendez-vous

Nocturne: Jeudi 15 mars 2018 (jusqu'à 22h)

With the support of:
Agglomération de Fribourg
Canton de Fribourg
Loterie Romande
Ville de Fribourg
Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture
Liip AG

03.03.2018 17:00
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