The Program - On Ketty La Rocca

On Ketty La Rocca
Italian feminism and contemporary art then and now

February 28th, 3:30 to 7 pm
With Barbara Casavecchia, Camilla Paolino, Sally Schonfeldt

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Fri Art is hosting a two-day program that connects to and expands on current and previous exhibitions. The events include various formats such as poetry, moving image and lectures and will inaugurate an ongoing experimental series, which proposes to activate discourse and theory at Fri Art. The Program will be defined collectively and unfold with various contributions that are thought of as expanding the institution itself. It completes or hints at exhibitions, connects parallel narratives and indicates where we stand, what our current inspirations, or the subtexts of our work and passions are.

The first day of the program focuses on the artist Ketty La Rocca. Collages, writing, sculpture and video bear witness to the poetic and personal quest of an artist who explores the potential of human communication and the finitude of words, images and gestures. In her oeuvre, nonsense comes to play the strategic role of a poetic against the instrumentalization of language. Unlike many of her contemporaries, who were engaged in a feminist life, the artist decided to wage her struggle from within the artistic field, engaging in a more solitary resistance in this social universe largely structured by forces opposed to her. La Rocca’s practice was determined by a certain negativity, retreat, muteness and unreadability. Who, then, was it addressed to? Who then, and who now? Guest speakers and artists Barbara Casavecchia, Camilla Paolino and Sally Schonfeldt will contextualize her work and its relation to other feminist engagements of the time, as well as discuss the controversial relevance of her presence in the contemporary art context.

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