Opening and Book Launch: A Retrospective of Closed Exhibitions

To celebrate the end of A Retrospective of Closed Exhibitions, we are happy to invite you to the...

Ceremony of nail pulling and reopening of the exhibition space!


Speeches and aperitif
Removal of the seals
Book launch The Anti-Museum
Party in the exhibition space with concerts, buffet, performances, DJs
Food Truck El Taco Wey


Jean-Pierre Siggen, Conseiller d’Etat
Antoinette de Weck, Vice-syndic
Mathieu D. Copeland, curator of the exhibition
Nicolas Galley, president of Fri Art

Programm DJ
Programme musicale :

3h30 de musique distincte organisé par Martin Cramatte
23:30-00:00 Mr. Softy / Jungle juke
00:00-00:30 Sabroomsound / Dédicace de reggae
00:30-01:00 Martinez / Cumbia psychédélique
01:00-01:30 Gaspard / Techno ambiance
01:30-2:00 Coconut jamajama / hip hop UK
02:00-02:30 S¥L€k / Rythm anglais hardcore
02:30-3:00 Kueng / Kraut experimental, vague froide, bruit