Nocturne with Bernhard Zitz

Nocturne every Friday evening during H or the audience, from 6 to 10pm:
The central sound installation will be activated by the artists in the exhibition and a series of guests. Free entrance.

Friday 12 June, 8-10pm
First activation by Bernhard Zitz

Bernhard Zitz (*1976, Fribourg) is a filmmaker, artist and sound technician, event organizer and curator for various associations, productions and festivals since the early 2000s. Passionateabout the natural sciences, technical infrastructures and the spacialization of sound, Zitz has a practice in building his own loudspeakers, soundsystems, or any equipment he uses in his research. His music, a mischievous homage to the original electroacoustics, is studied in the smallest details and develops colourful sounds. Conceiving, generating content and promoting encounters between various art and music actors are at the core of his work. He is the founder of the Orchestre des haut-parleurs de Fribourg, and collaborator of SMEM, Fri Son and Bad Bonn among other cultural activities.

For H or the audience, he makes available a new set of home-made speakers as well as a program running an algorithm that dispatches tracks in multi-diffusion. He will also assist other artists in producing their respective interventions and perform live on the first Nocturne of the exhibition.

Next Nocturne:
19 June / 26 June / 3 July

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