Journée spéciale: the films of Guillaume Dustan (2000-2004)

The films of Guillaume Dustan (2000–2004)
Talks, readings, surprise screening
Saturday 15.05.2021, 15:00


3pm: Talk with Elliot Evans

Elliot Evans is the author of Queer Permeability: The Body in French Thought from Wittig to Preciado (2020) and a lecturer at Birmingham University. They co-organises the Critical Sexology seminar series and writes regularly for Paragraph and Sexualities. Their article ‘’Your HIV-positive sperm, my trans-dyke uterus’: anti/futurity and the politics of bareback sex between Guillaume Dustan and Paul B. Preciado in 2015, provides insight into the ways in which Preciado engages with Dustan in Testo Junkie.

Elliot will speak in a video conference about their work with Dustan and introduce the surprise film to be screened later in the day.

4.30 pm: Around the table Le Rayon: Philippe Joanny + Julien Laugier, Pascaline Morincôme, Olga Rozenblum 

Philippe Joanny (*1968) is a writer. He published his first book in 1999, Le Dindon, in the collection Le Rayon created by Dustan, his best friend. In 2008, he founded the magazine Monstre ("Monstre is a magazine edited by Belleville fags, for the crazy people of the world"), with Tim Madesclaire, Gauthier Boche and Gilles Beaujard. In 2019, he published Comment tout a commencé (Grasset), a fictional autobiography in the third person awarded by the Prix du Roman gay in 2019. 

Pascaline, Julien and Olga are the curators of the exhibition and work for the distribution and aknowlegement of Guillaume Dustan’s films.

There will be readings from books of Le Rayon, a discussion on Françoise Vigna’ views on the history of LGBTQ publishers in France and a screening of texts by other young authors.

7pm : surprise screening

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The films of Guillaume Dustan (2000-2004) (1368)