Fri Bar I

Bar and nocturnal guided tour with the artistic director Nicolas Brulhart

A Home is not a House
Till Sunday 12.01.2020

With works by:
Daphne Ahlers, Olga Balema, Camille Blatrix, Gina Fischli, Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi, Marie Gyger, Lewis Hammond, Nora Kapfer, Tristan Lavoyer, Claudia Lemke, Dominic Michel, Sveta Mordovskaya, Sophie Oxe, Ser Serpas

A Home is not a House is the second part of the exhibition A House is not a Home which took place at Fri Art from 21 September to 10 November 2019. On this second occasion, the same artists have been invited to exhibit once again. The works they present come in reaction to the first part. As the title suggests, while further extending a proposition, this event on repeat transports us over to the other side of the looking glass.
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A Home is not a House
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