Cancelled: Une théorie féministe de la violence

Françoise Vergès | Conference

The official language about gender equality is a repertoire of violence: harassment, rape, abuse, feminicide. These words denote a cruel reality. But do they not conceal another, that of violence committed with the complicity of the state?

In her new book to be published in early November 2020 (éditions La Fabrique), Françoise Vergès denounces the security turn in the fight against sexism. By focusing on « violent men », the sources of violence are omitted. For the author, there is no doubt about it: racial capitalism, ultra-conservative populism, the crushing of the South by wars and imperialist plunder, the millions of exiled people, the escalation of prison systems, put masculinities at the service of a policy of death. Against the zeitgeist, Françoise Vergès enjoins us to refuse the punitive obsession of the state, in favor of restorative justice.

Françoise Vergès is an anti-racist feminist and the president of the association «Décoloniser les arts». She is the author of several books and articles in French and English on colonial slavery, feminism, reparation and museums.

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photo © Roberto Frankenberg pour «Libération»

 © Roberto Frankenberg pour «Libération»