The Program - On Reception

On Reception

February 29th, 3:30 to 10 pm
Co-hosted with Geraldine Tedder
With L’Acte pur, Chantal Kaufmann, Geraldine Tedder, Ian Wooldridge

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Fri Art is hosting a two-day program that connects to and expands on current and previous exhibitions. The events include various formats such as poetry, moving image and lectures and will inaugurate an ongoing experimental series, which proposes to activate discourse and theory at Fri Art. The Program will be defined collectively and unfold with various contributions that are thought of as expanding the institution itself. It completes or hints at exhibitions, connects parallel narratives and indicates where we stand, what our current inspirations, or the subtexts of our work and passions are.

The second day connects to questions posed in A House Is Not A Home / A Home Is Not A House (Fri Art Kunsthalle, 09.2019-01.2020) as well as more generally to important threads in the exhibition program at Fri Art. It will focus on what happens in spaces in-between: on our relationship to every-day objects, why we orient towards certain objects and not others, how distance and nearness are relevant in these relations and are often passed along from generation to generation but also, more specifically, on the charged space between viewer and artwork where (mis-)understanding can arise. It asks: How could one deviate from fixed definitions, conventional ways of looking or modes of reception we encounter daily? The contributions come together in their involvement with definitions of private and public space, a definition that is shaped by gender, sexuality, race and class. With films by Chantal Kaufmann, talks by Ian Wooldridge & Geraldine Tedder and a concert by L’Acte pur.

The Program - Day 1

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