The films of Guillaume Dustan (2000-2004)

Guillaume Dustan
Les films de Guillaume Dustan (2000-2004)

The films of Guillaume Dustan
march - april - may 2021

« This book will not have any success, that is more than clear, I get off on it bad, Hare Krishna ! Yes, because I've always had a weakness for the midpoint between creation and destruction, I protect. And now I want to be old and sick, even older and sicker, with my own Little Swiss, we'll have chickens, donkeys, turkeys, lambs, piglets that we'll sell, and little calves, and they'll all have a strange name like "Gruyère". And I'll cry all the time as I know how to do so well when I'm sick. »

These are the last lines of the book Dernier Roman (2004) by Guillaume Dustan. It’s also where the exhibition begins, a place that reconnects his films to his writings.

Between 2000 and 2004, the French writer Guillaume Dustan made 19 films with a lightweight DV camera. These films make up a part of his oeuvre that is little-known to date. The exhibition on the films in Fri Art Kunsthalle will shed new light on a key figure in French literature and queer culture at the turn of the millennium. Texts and archives accompany the films and help to situate them in a constellation of concrete and imaginary historical affinities with friends, artists, theorists, musicians and other allies of Dustan's artistic and political project.

The exhibition is organised together with the artspace Treize (Paris).
Curated by Julien Laugier, Pascaline Morincôme and Olga Rozenblum
Produced by Fri Art Kunsthalle Fribourg – Nicolas Brulhart, Marie Gyger

Opening hours : from March 12, We–Fr 12:00–18:00 and Sa–Su 13:00–18:00
Art education :

With the generous support of the Fondation Jan Michalski.

Thank you Philippe Joanny and Tim Madesclaire, Tristan Cerf, Sophie Baranes, Julie Maillard Baranes, Sarah Baranes, Lili Reynaud Dewar, Paul B. Preciado, Pierre Dulieu, Béatrice Cussol, Thomas Clerc and POL éditions, Charlène Dinhut and « Manifestations, Art et Société » departement of Centre Pompidou, Darjeeling Bouton and the Vidéodrome Marseille, the students of Esadmm - école d’art de Marseille - and of Villa Arson - école d’art de Nice, l’Institut des Mémoires de l’Edition Contemporaine - IMEC, Librairie Albert Le Grand

See the exhibition of the films of Guillaume Dustan in Treize, Paris, 2019

We inform you that the exhibition includes certain images and texts of a sexual nature. Mediation and information on this subject are available at the reception desk to accompany you during your visit.

image: still from G.D., Squat, 2002, video DV

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