During the recent social distancing period, hearing emerged as the most suitable sense to articulate collaboration, transversality and circulation between generations. Sound potentiality became a tool for integration, a way to imagine and maintain a horizon of openness, to challenge one’s own receptivity and that of the institution. Technical skills and more abstract interests in a philosophy of listening met around the materiality of sound. 

For its reopening on June 10, Fri Art Kunsthalle Fribourg is thrilled to present an open exhibition format that emerged from the recent period of questioning. The proposal expands around a central room and its multidiffusion sound system, a hip hop environment with an open mic booth and a headphone experiment room. These three environments are derived from the three recent residencies Fri Art hosted during the time it was closed to the public, namely of AMAK, Reymour and Bernhard Zitz. For H or the audience, fifteen artists with very different expertise and approaches on sound are invited to contribute to an evolving environment that allows collective production, the circulation of energies between artists, musicians, algorithmic programming, the audience and the surroundings of the Kunsthalle.

With AMAK, Betâ, Costanza Candeloro, ENCOR studio, feldermelder, Renée Green, Ivory A Ivy, Martina Lussi and Tim Shaw, Melanie Meystre, Lucas Monème, Pain, Reymour, Fiona Rody, Axelle Stiefel aka The Operator, Bernhard Zitz.

Thanks to: Free Agent Media

Nocturne every Friday evening, from 6 to 10pm:
The central sound installation will be activated by the artists in the exhibition and a series of guests. Free entrance.

Friday 12 June, 8-10pm
First activation by Bernhard Zitz

Next Nocturne:
19 June / 26 June / 3 July


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Sanitary measures to protect visitors

Since its reopening, the Kunsthalle has implemented a protection concept specially developed for its spaces.
We apply the rule of a physical distance of 2 meters between people. A maximum of 40 people are allowed to enter the establishment in order to allow a space of 4m2 per visitor.
During Nocturne, visitors are asked to leave their details on a presence list in order to reconstitute the chain of contact in case of virus transmission. 

Please note :

  •     Disinfect your hands at the entrance.
  •     Enter your email address at the reception desk
  •     Observe the distance rules (2m). If this is not possible, stay only a short time in these areas.
  •     Be aware that you may be asked to step into quarantine.
  •     Notify Fri Art if you contract the virus.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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With the support of:
Stiftung Temperatio

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday: by appointment (info@fri-art.ch)
Wednesday 12 am - 6 pm
Thursday 12 am - 6 pm
Friday 12 am - 10 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1pm - 6 pm

Open on June 11 (Corpus Christi)


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