Fri Art vu par Eliane Laubscher

Eliane Laubscher

The photographic work of Eliane Laubscher for Fri Art is composed of thousands of images dating from a time before digital photography. This collection of images contains treasures of artistic and documentary value. Since the beginning, the photographer has been closely involved in the Fri Art adventure, trusting the artists and immersed in the life of the art center. This exhibition attempts to reflect this daily, living and subjective dimension. All the images are taken from a corpus of contact sheets of black-and-white images, series that the photographer produced in parallel with the more formal work of exhibition photography. This presentation is intended to encourage future commitments to safeguard a collection that traces the history of an artistic culture in Fribourg over more than 40 years in contact with its time.

Photos: Exhibition views, Eliane Laubscher, Fri Art vu par Eliane LaubscherFri Art est né du vide, L'esprit d'une Kunsthalle, Musée d'art et d'histoire de fribourg, 2021

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